Becoming a Member

CHamBR accepts individuals, public and private institution, and companies from all sectors located in Brazil, Switzerland or any other country, as a member.

Registration is a simple and quick process:

(1) Complete the application form below;
(2) Receive follow-up e-mail confirming payment details;
(3) Process payment for the appropriate membership category;
(4) Once payment is confirmed you will receive a welcome e-mail message.

CHamBR Membership categories are as follows:


Categories Description Annual due
Students Individuals under 26 years of age. 50 F
Individual  Individuals over 26 years of age. 150 F
Micro-enterprise Annual sales under CHF 500,000.
Micro-enterprise are allowed one representative.
300 F
Small Company Annual sales between CHF 500,000 and CHF 5 million. Two representatives. 600 F
Medium-size Company Annual sales between CHF 5 million and CHF 50 million. Three representatives. 1,000 F
Large Company Annual sales above CHF 50 million.
Six representatives.
2,000 F



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