Mission, Vision and Values

Working with the Brazilian community in Switzerland and Swiss community in Brazil, the respective governments and other agents, companies, individuals and institutions acting in the exchange between both countries, the Brazil-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Service, CHamBR, has as mission:

– Promote trade and social relations between the two countries, contributing to the approximation of companies and, consequently, the bilateral trade;

– Represent and defend the common interests of its members;

– Encourage scientific, educational and sports cooperation between public and private institutions in Switzerland and Brazil.

– Provide information on the two countries and promote them as safe and advantageous countries for commercial transactions;

– Promote with the governments of both countries policies that favor trade liberalization and pro-market measures in favor of entrepreneurship and free enterprise;

– Contribute to the development of the business environment of the respective expatriate communities.

We are guided by the values of transparency, honesty, integrity, trust and cooperation, and our vision is to become an important agent, promoting greater economic, social and cultural integration, and to be a reference in exchanges, in all its forms, between Brazil and Switzerland.





Dear Members,
Dear friends,

On July 20, 2017, we signed the Articles of Association and the Constituent General Assembly minutes of the Brazil-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services, affectionately named CHamBR, and located in Geneva, Switzerland. Our main objectives are to encourage bilateral relations and contribute to the development of a healthy and stimulating business environment between the two countries.

Tens of billions of dollars in investment, hundreds of companies and thousands of people have contributed to a vibrant relationship between Brazil and Switzerland over the years.

2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the beginning of Swiss colonization in Brazil, in the region of Nova Friburgo. This initial migratory flow was followed by growing diplomatic, economic and cultural ties which have led Brazil to be Switzerland’s main partner in Latin America.

Benefiting from synergies between the two cultures, large Swiss and Brazilian companies such as UBS, Credit Suisse, Nestlé, Suzano, Atlas Schindler, Vale, Safra Group, Novartis, Vicunha Group, Roche, Itaú Unibanco, Clariant and XP Investimentos are present in both markets.

Small and medium-sized enterprises also take part in bilateral trade, especially through the import and export of goods and the implementation of manufacturing plants and R&D departments.

In the last fifteen years, institutional relations between Brazil and Switzerland have evolved with the creation of a Joint Commission on Economic and Commercial Relations (2007), and a multiplicity of initiatives aimed at promoting bilateral trade and scientific exchange, with the opening of a Swiss Business Hub in São Paulo and one of the five global subsidiaries of Swissnex in Rio de Janeiro, underscoring the significant work carried out by SWISSCAM, based in São Paulo over the last 65 years.

We are convinced of the favorable conditions and huge potential for business development, which combine the best of both countries.

In order to leverage the attractive business environment in both countries, CHamBR will offer courses, workshops and lectures, participate in fairs, promote business trips and trade rounds, strengthen partnerships and, above all, create opportunities and bridges between people, companies and institutions.

In short, CHamBR realizes the dream of its founding members in creating a space for dialogue and a point of reference for all those who, through their businesses, wish to strengthen their ties and combine forces between the two countries.

Thank you!

Pedro da Silva Neves


Pedro da Silva Neves | Chairman

Joseane Vieira Meier | Vice Chairman


Mario Brandulas | Director

Roland Bossart | Director


Basile Laune | Counselor

Claudiel Cavalheiro | Counselor

Eduardo Pantoja | Counselor

Joseph Marques | Counselor

Mônica Rodrigues | Counselor

Renate Bochner | Counselor

Vinicius de Carvalho | Counselor


Leonardo Meier | Financial Counselor

Magnólia Vigny | Financial Counselor


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