“Doing Business in Brazil” – Sustainability

On November 8th, CHamBR held the event ‘Doing Business in Brazil – Sustainability’.

The event, held at the Barton Space in partnership with FERT and sponsored by Sucafina, had more than eighty guests present.

The opening was made by Ambassador Susan Kleebank of the Brazilian Consulate General in Geneva and Mr. Pedro da Silva Neves, President of CHamBR.

We also had talks with the Sustainability Consultant Flavia Malucelli and the diplomat Luis Henrique Barbosa da Silva from the Brazilian mission to the WTO.

In addition, our partners Air France and Accor Hotels, represented by Armele Comte and Pauline Mancheron, respectively, raffled air tickets and hotel stays in Brazil.

SEBRAE in Geneva

On November 9th, 10th, 12th and 13th, CHamBR and the Romandie Citizenship Council of the Brazilian Consulate in Geneva will organize an event in partnership with SEBRAE (Brazilian Micro and Small Enterprises’ Support Service)

The event, aimed at Brazilian entrepreneurs, will be held at the Consulate General of Brazil in Geneva and will have five workshops on the different topics of entrepreneurship.

This event will be in Portuguese.

More information: info@chambr.org

Doing Business in Brazil – Sustainable Development

On November 8, 2018, CHamBR and FERT will promote an event with the theme “Business in Brazil and Sustainable Development”, which will be attended by Ambassador Susan Kleebank (Consulate General of Brazil in Geneva), presentations by both institutions, and an expert on the subject.

After the lecture, there will be a cocktail party for promoting networking among participants.

The event, which will also feature panels from the exhibition “A Grande Floresta“, (The Great Forest) currently in the Botanical Garden of Geneva, will be exclusively for members and guests of CHamBR and FERT.

More informations: info@chambr.org

Ordinary General Assembly – 2018

On September 12, 2018, the Ordinary General Assembly of 2018 was held at the Consulate General of Brazil in Geneva.

The AGO-2018 was attended by nearly fifty participants, led by President Pedro da Silva Neves, Legal Director Mário Brandulas, and Marketing Director Eduardo Ferreira Rebuzzi Filho, with the participation of Ambassador Susan Kleebank, from the Consulate General of Brazil  in Geneva.

Among other matters, the new members of the Board of Directors, Claudiel Cavalheiro, Joseph Marques and Mônica Rodrigues, and João Alberto Carvalho as Financial Director.

In the photo, Marketing Director Eduardo Ferreira Rebuzzi Filho, Ambassador Susan Kleebank, President Pedro da Silva Neves, and Legal Director Mário Brandulas.